Terra production


o_nama.jpgTerra production d.o.o. is the first servicing filling/bottling plant in Serbia, which started to operate in 2009. The company is engaged in service production and bottling of beverages and beer into cans, and in its quality and assortment, certainly make it the leader in the region.

The factory possesses the equipment which enables preparation and production of all types of beverages, as well as the modern chemical and microbiological laboratory where it is possible to execute analysis of raw-material and final products, which makes the factory unique.

Basic principles of the existence:

  • Satisfaction of the direct users and end consumers.
  • To be better than the others.
  • Continuous work on improvement and modernization of the production.
  • Concern about employees and protection of the natural environment.
  • Setting up the standards of the successful business with professionalism and efficiency.