Production process involves the following components: preparation of the single-structure and final syrup, transport of cans, three-part mixer, washer, filler, pasteurization, level controller and packaging machine.


Ball Packaging Europe

Ball Packaging Europe is one of the biggest can producers in Europe. They arrived at Serbian market in 2004, as the biggest green-field investment. With modern technologies and models of business, local branch of the American company Ball Corporation, in 2009 reached production volume of roughly 760 million cans, and export into 12 countries in the region.


Company Coca-Cola Hellenic, started their business in Serbia in 1996. They are one of the world biggest beverage producers. With more than 47.500 employees, Coca-Cola Hellenic supplies beverages to over 560 million consumers in 28 countries, delivering 8 billion litres of drink annually. Coca-Cola Hellenic produces, sells and distributes the leading world trade mark of The Coca-Cola Company.

Since 30th March, 2009, Amstel bier, a brand of Heineken group, has been produced in Serbia. Heineken is one of the biggest world breweries established in 1952, in the vicinity of Amsterdam. The company success is based on a good and stable quality of beer, good reputation, as well as on building of the global brand image. As its basic values, the company emphasizes respect, indulgence and passion for quality, and they also endeavour to be socially conscious and participate in actions of protection of the natural environment.


Quality Management

Quality Management includes 4 segments. Quality control is exercised in conformity with controlling plans, and which are defined together with service users and includes intake control, process control and final control. Product safety and microbiological regularity are achieved with maintenance of the hygiene of the whole factory. Health and safety of the employees, as well as the protection of the natural environment are integral part of the policy of our company.

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